Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Forgotten Canadian

In this current sort, I came across a guy I either forgot was Canadian, or just didn't know he was.. 

That man's name is Dave Shipanoff.. 

He played 26 games in the majors for Philadelphia in 1985. His only major card issue seems to be 1986 Donruss/Leaf. *checks TCDB* Nope.. He also had a 1986 Fleer card made. The rest are regional and minor league issues. 10 cards total.. And those are probably going to be tough to find. 

Anyway.. Mr Shipanoff is from Edmonton Alberta and was signed by the Blue Jays as an Amateur Free Agent in 1980, since Canadian players weren't subject to the draft in those days. 

He worked his way through the Jays system until he was traded with Ken Kinnard and Jose Escobar for Len Matuszek on April 1, 1985. 
He played 26 games for the Phillies and spent the rest of 85 in the minors in Portland. 1986 was more time in Portland. 1987 he signed with the Angels and was assigned to Triple A again... This time.. In Edmonton. 

Not sure what he's up to or where he is now, but I just wanted to cover a guy I did not know was Canadian.. 


  1. Cool post, never heard of him before, a rare Big Leaguer not from B.C. or Ontario.

    1. I think you've given me an idea for a series... lol Thanks!
      But yeah it seems BC, Ontario, and Quebec are the main places to produce MLB talent.