Wednesday, October 30, 2019

1973s to the Million

It's been a while, but I have an update!

I've been making some purchases through Facebook messenger from a baseball card group there. We've been talking for a bit and he's been finding Expos cards for me.. He'll get a batch together and I'll buy them. Last couple have been cards from the 70s.. 

Today is 1973 Topps.. 

Now... I'll warn you.. My scanner's acting rather possessed lately, so I took these with my phone. 

5 Tim Foli get added

As do 9 Tom Walker

14 Mike Torrez. I actually needed this card for the binder as well, so that's a plus!

8 Terry Humphrey

9 Ron Fairly, including one for the Binder. 
According to reports today, Mr Fairly passed away today. He was 81.. RIP. 

4 Ron Hunt

A whopping 20 Hal Breeden cards.. 

6 Balor Moore cards, including one for the binder. 

6 Ken Singleton cards including one for the binder. I already have one Singleton, but it's autographed.. I want a non-auto there as well.. 

3 Bill Stoneman cards, including one for the binder. 

Apparently the middle one had someone's artistic touch to it..

So with these added into the spreadsheet, I now have 9449 Expos cards. 

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