Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Scanner Stuff

So something a little different today.. Bought a couple packs of Topps Update today. Here's what I got. 

Some decent rookies and Scrabble as a Padre. I don't miss writing his name down lol. The Rangers cards still irk me. The Gallo Gatorade bath is interesting. I like the Matz card though being horizontal detracts. I don't know who Cody Anderson, Phil Klein, or Thomas Field are.  

So some more rookies. Addison Russell and Danny Muno. A few players I haven't heard of: Eddie Butler and Hector Gomez. The K-Rod is nice. I'm happy Josh Hamilton is back where he can succeed again.. The Volquez is one I'd prefer to not have lol. 

So the ones I like here are the Josh Donaldson and LaTroy Hawkins. The others in this group aren't bad. I still hate those All Star hats. 

One of the many inserts Topps has now. If putting out 26 sets a year isn't enough, we get so many insert sets. I don't mind this one. But it's not going to be one I rush out to finish. 

This one I don't understand. Why. Just.. Why? 

These one are nice. I like the historical ones. Again not one I'd be looking to finish. If I somehow do though, I won't complain much. 

To go along with the inserts, multiple parallels. The only reason I'm keeping this one is Blue Jays. 

Topps Originals Buybacks. You never know what you'll find, but this was a fun find for me. Now I have the original and the foil stamped 2015-1977 version. Again, Blue Jays, so into my collection.

All in all, not too bad.

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