Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well. Finally..

After setting up the page over a year ago, I finally decided to actually write something here.

I've been looking for a group of cards for a while now.

1992 Nabisco

They were inserted in different Nabisco cereals in 1992. It's a 36 card set. I have 12. I'm hoping to find the rest of them. 

I've posted my favourite three cards just to show what they're like. If anyone has any of these that they'd like to part with let me know :)


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! It's fun to do but it can be time consuming. It looks like you are from Canada, not too many bloggers from there...which means lots of opportunity for covering topics for the first time.

  2. I know.. I have a personal blog I haven't updated since 2013.. lol

    I am from Canada. I thought that maybe giving a little information behind Canadian-born players may be interesting to some.. There's always room for more voices, even with the tongue-in-cheek name.. :P

  3. LOL! That makes me feel better for leaving some of my blog series hanging for a couple of months :)

    I enjoy learning about Canada. I just found out this week that there is a town in Nova Scotia named after a direct ancestor...wish I could go and visit it!

    1. Yeah even the original idea for this one I had set up over a year ago.. I have plenty of time on my hands right now lol

      Oh? What town? I'm nowhere close to Nova Scotia, but it's still neat. lol