Saturday, September 26, 2015

Canadians in the Major Leagues: Kevin Reimer

One thing I've found interesting while following baseball are Canadians who have made the major leagues. One surprised me. I mean, everyone knows about Ferguson Jenkins, Larry Walker, and Terry Puhl. One that surprised me was Kevin Reimer. While it says he was born in Macon Georgia, both his parents are Canadian citizens. Reimer's father was a baseball player for the Macon Peaches when Kevin was born. 

As you can see here, Born: Macon GA.. Home: Enderby BC.

The reason this was surprising to me was I always found myself drawn to his cards and found it odd he was born in the US and lived in Canada. His circumstances were covered in a book called Canada's Baseball Legends, of which I have a copy laying around somewhere. 

That's it for today.. :)

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