Wednesday, March 11, 2020

1988 CMC Syracuse Chiefs

Today I'm going to cover the Triple A Affiliate for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1988, the Syracuse Chiefs.. 

They ended up going 70-71, 7 games back of the Rochester Red Wings.

So.. Who made up that team of Triple A Blue Jays? 

Alexis Infante played from from 1982-1996
He made the Majors with the Jays in 1987-1989 and with Atlanta in 1990. 
Overall, he played for Toronto and Atlanta in the Majors, and spent four years with Tabasco in the Mexican League

Bob Bailor was the manager for this team. 1988 was the first of four years managing the Chiefs. 
Of course, he was an original Blue Jay, being drafted by the team in the Expansion Draft. 

Bob Shirley played from 1976-1988
He played in the Majors for San Diego, St Louis, Cincinnati, New York Yankees, and Kansas City. 
He played in Syracuse his final professional season. 
Fun fact, 1989 he ended up managing the St Catharines Blue Jays. 

Chris Shaddy played from 1982-1989
He didn't make the Majors. 
He played in the Toronto, Oakland, and Atlanta organizations. 

Cliff Young played from 1983-1993
He played in the Majors for California in 1990-1991 and Cleveland in 1993. 
Overall he played in the Expos, Blue Jays, Angels, and Indians organizations. 

Colin McLaughlin played from 1980-1989
He never made the Majors
Overall, he played in the Blue Jays and Mariners systems. 

Doug Bair played from 1971-1992
He played in the Majors for Pittsburgh in 1976, Oakland in 1977, Cincinnati from 1987-1981, St Louis from 1981-1983, Detroit from 1983-1985, St Louis again in 1985, Oakland again in 1986, Philadelphia in 1987, Toronto in 1988, Pittsburgh in 1989-1990.
In addition to all those Major League teams, he played in California's system 

Eric Yelding played from 1984-1999
He Made the Majors, playing for Houston from 1989-1992 and the Cubs in 1993. 
Overall, he played in the Toronto, Astros, White Sox, Cubs, Indians, and Mariners systems. 
He also spent a few years playing in Independent ball.

Frank Wills played from 1980-1991
He made the Majors for Kansas City in 1983-1984, Seattle in 1985, Cleveland in 1986-1987, and Toronto from 1988-1991.
Those also are the systems he played in through his career. 

Galen Cisco played in the Majors and was a Pitching Coach in the Majors for many years. 
He coached for Kansas City from 1971-1979, Montreal from 1980-1984, San Diego from 1985-1987, Toronto from 1990-1995, and Philadelphia from 1997-2000
Interesting fact. In 1966 and 1967, he pitched for the Minor League Toronto Maple Leafs. 
Further research shows he was the Assistant Pitching Coach in 1988 for the Jays, and spent 1989 in St Catharines. 

Geronimo Berroa played from 1984-2003
He played in the Majors for Atlanta from 1989-1990, Cincinnati in 1992, Florida in 1993, Oakland from 1994-1997, Baltimore in 1997, Cleveland in 1998, Detroit in 1998, Toronto in 1999, And Los Angeles in 2000. 
Overall, he played in the systems for Toronto, Atlanta, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Florida, Oakland, Baltimore, Detroit, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Montreal. He also spent a year in Korea and a year in the Mexican League. 

Glenallen Hill played from 1983-2001
He played in the Majors for Toronto from 1989-1991, Cleveland from 1991-1993, Cubs from 1993-1994, San Francisco from 1995-1997, Seattle in 1998, Cubs from 1998-2000, Yankees in 2000 and Anaheim in 2001. 
Overall he played in the Toronto, Cleveland, Cubs, Giants, Mariners, Yankees, and Anaheim systems. 

Greg Myers played from 1984-2005
He played in the Majors for Toronto 1987-1992 and 2003-2005, California from 1992-1995, Minnesota from 1996-1997, Atlanta in 1997 and 1999, San Diego from 1998-1999, Baltimore from 2000-2001, and Oakland from 2001-2002. 

Hector Torres was a coach for the Chiefs. He did play for Toronto in 1977, and for the Chiefs in 1978. 
He was a coach/Manager from 1982-2019. 
He was a bench coach for the Jays in 1991 and an infield coordinator for the Rays in 2019. 
Overall, he coached/Managed in the Jays organization from 1982-2001, the Brewers in 2003, the Giants in 2004, and the Rays from 2007-2019. 

Jack O'Connor played from 1976-1989.
He played in the Majors from 1981-1984 for Minnesota, Montreal in 1985, and Baltimore in 1987. 
Overall, he played for the Expos (76-80, 85) Twins (81-84), Mariners (86), Orioles (87) and Blue Jays (88-89)

Jose Nunez played from 1984-2005
He played in the Majors for Toronto from 1987-1989, and the Cubs in 1990.
Overall, he played in the Royals (84-86). Jays (87-89). Cubs (90-91), and Mariners (92) 
He played in Japan in 1996-1997, Korea amd Quebec in 2001, and Mexico in 2005.

Kelly Heath played from 1977-1990.
He played in the Majors for the Royals in 1982. 
Overall, he played in the Royals (77-83), Yankees (84-85), Braves (86-87), Blue Jays (88-89) and Phillies (90) systems. 

Luis Reyna played from 1984-1995.
He never made the Majors. 
He played for the Jays (84-88) and the Reds (88) 
He also played in Mexico from 1989-1993 and 1995
He played in Independent Ball in 1994. 

Mark Ross played from 1979-1991
He played in the Majors for Houston in 1982, and 1984-1985, for Pittsburgh in 1987 and 1990 and for Toronto in 1988. 
Overall, he played in the Astros (79-86), Pirates (87, 90), Blue Jays (88-89) and Braves (91) systems. 

Norm Tonucci played from 1984-1989.
He never made the Majors. 
He spent his entire career in the Jays system. 

Otis Green played from 1983-2001
He never made the Majors. 
Overall, he played in the Jays (83-89), Expos (90), Giants (90), Brewers (91-92), Angels (93), and Mariners (95) systems
He also spent time in Mexico from 1994-1999, China in 1998, Italy in 2001, and Independent Ball in 1999 and 2001.  

One fun thing about Minor League sets is seeing things like the Trainer.. 

Rob Ducey played from 1984-2002.
He played in the Majors for Toronto from 1987-1992 and 2000, California in 1992, Texas from 1993-1994, Seattle in 1997-1998, Philadelphia from 1999-2001, and Montreal in 2001. 
Overall, he played for the Blue Jays (84-92, 00), Angels (92), Rangers (93-94), Mariners (97-98), Phillies (99-01), and Expos (01) systems.
He also played in Japan in 1995-1996 and in Independent Ball in 2002.

Sal Butera played from 1972-1989.
He played in the Majors for the Twins in 1980-1982, and 1987, the Tigers in 1983, the Expos in 1984-1985, the Reds in 1986-1987, and the Blue Jays in 1988. 
Overall he played in the White Sox (72), Yankees (73), Twins (74-82, 87), Tigers (83), Expos (84-85), Reds (86-87), and Blue Jays (88-89) systems. 

Steve Davis played from 1982-1990
He played in the Majors for Toronto in 1985 and 1986, and for Cleveland in 1989
Overall he played in the Jays (82-88), Indians (89), and Dodgers (90) systems. 

Well, that's another one down. 


  1. Great post, Mike. I love seeing cards of guys before they hit the big leagues, but also of trainers, manager and coach. Reminds me of the Fire Safety sets from the 80s.

    1. Thanks! I find it interesting to look back on old sets and look at the rookies to see how they did or if they made it. I also enjoy looking at minor league sets for the guys who never made it or barely made it.
      That said, I have sets for every Triple A team in 1988.